Our Structure


Administration & Finance

Each Landholder Association pays an affiliation fee to SRI based on the number of Delegates they have to SRI.

The Delegates to the Association are unpaid, despite the many hours they devote to the Association.

The Chair and Treasurer of SRI receive an honorarium, which is set at the Annual General Meeting.

Any expenses incurred by Delegates and Office Holders (such as costs associated with travel to attend SRI sanctioned activities outside of regular meetings)  may be reimbursed upon the presentation of authorised original documentation of the expenditure.

The administration of the Association is undertaken by a Casual Administration person employed on a contract basis. 

Partnership and Strong working Relationship

Murray Irrigation Limited: Supply our members with water, the lifeblood of our enterprises. Southern Riverina Irrigators rely on Murray Irrigation just as Murray Irrigation relies on its shareholders the irrigators, the membership of SRI. It is licenced to operate by the NSW Government holding 1,046,809* general security entitlements to the NSW Murray Regulated River resource. This represents almost 63% of all NSW Murray River general security entitlements.

*as at 30 June 2014


SRI, the fiver Landholder Association and Murray Irrigation entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in May 2012. The purpose of this agreement is to formally recognise the value and importance of the strong working relationship between all three parties. Whilst issues falling within SRI's agreed direction are "brought to the table" by SRI, we also recognise some issues arise on local landholder association scale that can best be handled by the assocation to which they are specific. The arrangement of the MOU allows these to be addressed.

MOU meetings are held quarterly and usually each of the Chairs of the Landholders Association attend (or their nominated Delegate or Alternate) along with Murray Irrigation upper management and on occasion, invited guest.