About Us


Our Vision

Efficient credible, streamlined organisation that represents, analyses and communicates all water related issues relevant to irrigated farm businesses within the Murray Irrigation area of operations


Our Mission

The peak body for Landholder Associations representing a collective position of Murray Irrigation district water users on water issues and policy.


Our Purpose

Recognising the importance for irrigators to provide their prespective to the governing bodies, Southern Riverina Irrigators District Council, Later Southern Riverina Irrigators (SRI) commenced its operations in the sixties.

SRI is a peak lobbying organisation providing advocacy to membership which is comprised of five landholder associations whose members are irrigators, farming within the footprint of Murray Irrigation Limited in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

Our Membership


Our Membership  comprises of five landholder groups:

Berriquin Irrigators Council

Deniboota Landholders Association

Denimein Landholders Association

Wakool Landholders Association

West Berriquin Irrigators

We represent 1800 landholdings


We represent the custodians of some 1800 landholdings and provide a bond so that our members provide a united voice. On behalf of our members we advocate to various bodies and associations including; agencies and representatives of State and Federal government, NSW Irrigators Council, National Irrigators Council and Murray Irrigation Limited.

Largest Private Irrigation System in Australia


The irrigation system our irrigators rely upon is the largest private system in Australia and it delivers water to over 1,800 farms owned by 1,200 farm businesses in Southern NSW.

Water is supplied through earthen channels to an area of 748,000ha. The channels delivering water are energy efficient as they are gravity fed and are around 3,000km in length. That is more than three times the distance from Melbourne to Sydney. The system is awesome in scale and magnitude and people travel from other parts of the world just to see it.

The water delivery system we use is constantly being upgraded to become more water efficient. The industry is constantly learning and striving for more efficient use of the valuable resource of water.