Recognising the importance of irrigators to be able to lobby and provide their perspective to Government and other bodies, Southern Riverina Irrigation Districts Council, later Southern Riverina Irrigators (SRI) commenced its operations in the 1960's.

Our region in the heart of the Southern Riverina region of New South Wales draws its lifeblood of water from the Murray Darling Basin and our farming activities produce food and fibre enabling us to feed and provide commodities such as wool and cotton not only for Australians but many others across the world.

We recognise water is a valuable resource and through innovation our industry continues to evolve and become more water wise and efficient.

With an ever increasing population, irrigation helps us to produce high yielding crops and its an important tool in preventing world hungry even in the face of drought.

Welcome to Southern Riverina Irrigators


Southern Riverina Irrigators

SRI is a peak lobbying organisation providing advocacy for our membership which is comprised of five landholder associations whose members are irrigators, farming within the footprint of Murray Irrigation Limited in the southern Riverina of NSW.

Formed in the 1960s, SRI now represents over 1,600 water users committed to producing food and fibre through environmentally and economically sustainable practices.

Our key principles are:

• We recognise the property rights of water entitlements

• Water reform must deliver against the “triple bottom line” meeting environmental, social and economic objectives.

• Water reform must be about outcomes, not volumes.

Key industries

Our region is a highly productive area utilising water sourced from the NSW Murray above the Barmah Choke. Industries have developed to suite the highly variable water product that is predominant in the region. Despite seasonal variabilities, we continue to produce high quality crops sustainably and efficiently contributing significantly to the gross value of irrigated agricultural production.

• Rice $105.3 million

• Cereals $60.8 million

• Other Broadacre (in Cotton) $10 million

• Dairy $99 million

• Livestock $56 million

Source: ABS Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production 2010-16, NSW Murray